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I'm back you guys i miss drawing using tablet~ woot

i'm working on a drawing right now it's my characters that you never seen unless you're a follower on instagram their names is chuuya and kenta that's it. xD
Apparently... I played mario kart 8 all night with my cousins it was really fun xD and finally played as baby roselina! She's adorable but I want my bowser.jr back :< why they added his stupid brothers?! They're all the same -_- bowser jr is way better than them in my opinion.

I'm going to LA, San farnsico ... And Maybe Virginia ..? I'm not really sure because my father going to take courses/work there xD

I'm going to be off around June 7-8.

But I can reply if there's is free wi-fi connections.. So yeah that's all I wanted to say.. (It's not like I have online friends anyway...)
Summer vacation is almost there and mario kart 8 is almost there -_- but there is no time to mario kart 8 untill we return from traveling.

hsdjkhsdkgdgdfkdgdkg. T3T that's all i wanted to say! it's very interesting right? (sarcastic)  
To who commission me could you wait a little longer :( I started with the background and finished the whole drawing but need to color it some started coloring it so wait please and I'm not a person who lies! I have a life incase you didn't notice ...
LOL look it says 20 but i'm actually 21 eeh... one year doesn't matter right? xD
Since i finally own a tablet :D i did say that i might open when i get a tablet didn't i? so i get to work on drawings better!

Prices (points)

Noah and Copumon ''WIP'' by Miisora-ChanHoshina by Miisora-ChanJust lineart with shading or without shading only for 5 points or 2 characters in one pic with lineart for 10 points in other words adding any another character for 5 points! 

Fennekin by Miisora-Chan colored and lineart with background or without background only for 40 points again adding any another character colored with lineart 40 points which means 80 points for two characters in one drawing! ^^

.:CM:.Sisters? by Miisora-Chan this is two characters in one drawing colored with lineart for 80 points! !

Hi, how are you guys doing?

Well i ran out of ideas so block! ><

there is alot of poses and sense in my mind :< but i don't know how to draw them if i draw them it turned out so stupid but never give up i keep on trying!

that's all i wanted to say xD

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because i really hate it...... >_> as if i see it as "art"....

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because i really hate it...... >_> as if i see it as "art"....

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Since I'm bored to death.

anyway so pokemon x and y is almost there how do you guys feel ? ._. dumb question i know

well every time i think about it my heart beats fast like... when you have crush on someone... xD

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  • Listening to: Rage on
well mine so far it's hoenn region! :heart:

so what's yours?! :D
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Might open Point Commissions when i get a tablet! :D

Are you looking forward of Commission me? ^w^
title says it all. 
I'm not going to upload anything  here for a while like a month but I will post some sketches (or some doodles) on Instagram :)

My username is YazumiMisora follow if want to see my random photos or sketches or doodles

God this remix! *A*

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 5:03 PM
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It's just Epic…

Amy rose to Misora the cat

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 7:48 AM
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My first RECOLOR video  (i recolored from boredom)…

Here is the finished picture…

Sonic lost world

Journal Entry: Tue May 28, 2013, 6:54 PM
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Journal Entry: Sat May 25, 2013, 5:34 AM
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If you like my work please donate me *A*

Any points are welcome.